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When should my piano be tuned?

A piano should be tuned at least once every 12 months, whether you play it or not.(Helps keep it in 'sound' mechanical shape).

Some pianist would require more frequent tuning, based on playing frequency and style.

Keith Kruger

Keith Kruger

Keith Kr├╝ger has been a piano technician since he started out in 2000. He started his full time apprenticeship in 2002 taking round 5 years, and has been a professional technician and tuner ever since.

As a tuner, Keith has been privileged enough to tune for some of the best pianists that have played in Johannesburg and now a few renowned conservatoires in Geneva thanks to Kniefel Pianos and the wonderful team. He is associated with reputable piano dealers and music stores within the region.

Keith become part of the South African Association of Professional Piano Tuners (SAAPPT) in March 2010.

He had resided in Geneva Switzerland where he continued to work on pianos there under Kniefel Pianos AS. Gaining a further skill set into how European artist truly want there pianos to be tuned , tempered and intonation to be done.

With he's return home from Europe  he will bring that knowledge and skills to clientele.

Piano Restoration


Piano restorationRestoring a piano is a specialised skill, but also requires real passion to ensure the best possible results.

Keith has the required passion, but his technical/engineering background along with his years of experience, has allowed Keith to rise above the rest and stand up as one of South Africa's most capable and accomplished piano technicians.
SAAPPTThe South African Association of Professional Piano Tuners was established in 1988 and is an association which continually strives to improve the quality of services being delivered. Keith is proud to be part of this association and strives to drive the highest quality both for himself but also other technicians that are part of the SAAPPT.

Before anyone can become part of SAAPPT their work needs to be formally examined.

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How can I protect my piano against pests?

The best and easiest way of protecting your piano against potential threats is by placing a few moth balls inside the piano every couple of months. Mothballs drive away mice and bugs instead of traditional methods which attracts and then kills them.